A 62-Year-Old Man Died in the Mosh Pit at a Slipknot Show This Week

There's been some wild mosh pits at Knotfest this year. Frontman Corey Taylor stopped mid-song about a week or two ago because of it.

Here's another one: 62 year old Richard Valadez had participated in the mosh pits in the lawn section and was knocked to the ground at least once.

Witnesses say he was drinking, having a good time, and getting knocked around, just like everyone else.

But during Slipknot's set, he got knocked so hard that he fell out of the pit. One guy said, quote, "He seized as people were trying to help him up, so we started calling for help."

Because of the chaos, help took a while to arrive, but once it did, it was too late. Sadly, Valadez passed away. There's no word yet on the cause of death.

So let's pour one out this morning for Richard Valadez.

Source: Patch.com

The below video is NOT of the incident, but viewer footage from that show of the band performing Soloway Firth live.

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