Woman Gets List Of "Girls Night Out Rules" From Jealous Boyfriend!

Zoe Scholefield went to a music festival with her besties and left her boyfriend at home, but she was thoughtful and messaged him from there to ask which of the bands he’d like to see in texted videos. But instead of telling her, the jealous guy responded with a list of 12 ridiculous rules for her to follow on her night out.

The young woman from the U.K. took toTwitter to share the over-the-top demands, which include:

  • “Don’t get too drunk”
  • “No boys and if anyone comes up to you and talks to you you tell them you have a boyfriend”
  • “No one else but you four in your room”
  • “You can’t go in anyone else’s room”
  • “Let me know everything that happens and be ready to explain stories”
  • “Always send me photos of what you’re wearing so I can approve and say whether or not I think you should wear it”
  • “Want a video of the room before you sleep to prove no one else is there”

But the thing is, these trust issues were coming from somewhere and it seems this dude was suspicious because he was breaking the rules himself and it led to their breakup. Scholefield explains in a tweet, “Funny how my ex sent stuff like this and then has the audacity to cheat on me.” Her post has gone viral and people seem to share her outrage at her former flame, with one tweeting, “If your partner lists even one of those things then you should show them the door.”

We asked some of the women in the office what crazy rules they were presented with…here are a few of the craziest:

  • “My ex husband did that to me several hours after our wedding. It went like, 'Now that you are a married woman things will start changing... no more dance night with your friends, etc.' He did it in the most charming fashion too... unfortunately, he was serious and we are divorced."
  • “Okay…so this was back when there were no smartphones. But after three dates with this guy, he tells me he wants to ‘get’ me a pager. I’m like “What for?” He replied, “Just so I can find out where you are if I’m worried.” I tried to play it off, but it became a thing…like, if I didn’t accept it, he didn’t want to date me. So yeah…game over."
  • “This is how my ex was; wouldn’t let me hang out with my friends, made me delete ALL males from my social media, demanded to see my phone whenever he felt like I was up to something... it was so bad to the point where he manipulated my very close friends to think that I was the psycho.”
  • "My ex wanted to SMELL me, if I went anywhere without him. To make sure I hadn't slept with someone else. When I refused, that was ‘obviously' evidence that I had cheated. We didn't last…”

Source:New York Post

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