Paco Vs Quinton: Blow By Blow and Final Word

Once again I find myself blogging about one of my fights. This time though the mood and tone are completely different. This time around I wasn't fighting a 40 year old man-child who doesn't know when to shut his mouth. This time I was matched up with a seasoned fighter who kept everything respectful before, during, and after the fight. First let's take a look at the matchup poster

For this one I decided to go for the more serious look. Doesn't really fit my personality but hey, it was a real MMA fight. Might as well act like it. Also the poster says 185. The weight class was actually 195. In that picture Quinton is around 219 so he definitely had some weight to cut, which he did. I'm definitely proud of him for that because losing all that weight is no easy feat.

So let's skip ahead to the fight. First, watch the fight and then we'll break it down

First thing we get to is the stare down which is my personal favorite. I make sure to never break eye contact and I feel it kinda gives me a look into how the other fighter is feeling and his confidence level.

Gotta be honest, the first 20 seconds were pretty scary. Quinton came in like a freight train which is something we weren't expecting. The last fight we expected DJ Pep-A to come at me full steam. This fight we thought he would take his time. He didn't and it for sure caught me off guard

THAT was my "oh crap" moment. The moment where I realized this fight was very real and I could absolutely lose if I didn't compose myself. I timed it out and the onslaught lasted for 20 seconds and ended with me getting this wakeup call

Yup, that's me the millisecond after I got punched in the face. It's beautiful isn't it? My trainer TJ pointed out that I absolutely deserved to get punched square in the face because I was well out of position and I agree. BUT I got up after my knee hit the ground, got away, and this was the moment I realized it was time to get to work

Look at that smug bastard. Grinning like he didn't just get a whole hurricane of punches thrown at him. Honestly I think I was just happy to be able to walk away from that barrage of punches. The best part was that my training really kicked in and I wasn't tired in the slightest. Which led to a few leg kicks, a punch or two, and then this

See THIS is what we've been working on for months. KICKS. Day in and day out I had to do drill after drill with TJ of nothing but kicks. I was absolutely HATING kicks but they ended up paying off big time. I'm pretty sure I got his face with this kick which sent him into some kind of daze. BUT he wasn't too out of it because he attempted the ol Paco special. AKA the spinning backfist

Great thing about this though is that I saw it coming and was able to duck out of it. I'm happy I did too because Quinton has a lot of power in his punches and I definitely didn't want to get clocked with my own move.

From there we traded a few more punches and then once he lowered his head I went for the neck crank and threw him to the ground

BUT once I tried to mount good ol Quinton got the reversal on me and tried to get the choke

One of the things you learn in Jiu-Jitsu is to not panic when you're in a hold like this. I've been in so many situations drilling where I'm about to pass out from choking and was still able to escape. So while this looked bad, I was totally calm and was able to get the escape, and fly at him

For me, this is when the fight was over. His final chance was the choke and from there I got him against the cage and laid out some brutal knees to the thigh. To the point where his legs buckle

At one point we separate but that didn't stop me from sprinting toward him and trying to catch him off guard

Now I want to share something with you. this next picture right here is extremely important

That's me looking at my trainer TJ and Jiu-Jitsu professor Thor. Looking for instruction because they're the experts and when you're in a situation like that you need all the help you can get. This is important for everything you do in life. BE COACHABLE. Realize you don't know everything and have a thirst to learn. From there I did exactly what I was told and finished the fight with some brutal shots to the head and ribs

Then it was all over. He tapped with about 5 seconds left in the first round giving me the W and I was on cloud 9

Having that hand raised is one of the best feelings in the world. All the work, the sweat, the time you invested all leads to that hand raised. I gotta say though, Quinton was a hell of an opponent. He really had me worried in the beginning before I was able to take a deep breath and remember everything I've gone through to get this far.

There are so many people to thank for this because this wasn't won on my own. Of course TJ Burns for taking me under his wing and completely transforming me. At 36 years old I would've never thought I'd be in this kind of shape again. My family for putting up with my insane training regiment. My bosses at iHeart for allowing me to train so hard during the day. Sequence Fitness for being so supportive of my training. Thor and all the guys at P.C. Beach Jiu-Jitsu. My sponsors Bay R.V. Repair and Detail Services and Fixx Snacks for helping me cover the cost of my medical tests. And finally every single person who expressed their support and love during all of this.

I'm done fighting. This was it. The check is marked off the bucket list. Onto the next adventure