Paco Vs. Pep-A: Blow By Blow Breakdown And The Final Word

Alright, this will be the final post you'll see about the fight that happened on August 1st. A lot of talk was leading up to the fight (mostly by Pep-A) but that night it was put up or shut up time. First let's watch the whole fight and then I'll break it down.

I should remind everyone that I've never kickboxed before in my life and that was my first time in the ring. Pep-A wanted nothing to do with grappling so I agreed to Kickbox. After watching there's a lot to critique when it comes to my form, footwork, etc. But that's for my trainer to analyze. For now let's look at the cool stuff. Like this shot...

Now that's a sweet shot, I don't care who you are. Then there was Pep-A's entrance. I love him running around the Octagon trying to intimidate me, but notice I never broke eye contact

I can't even begin to describe the zone I was in that night. There was a ton of hard work I put in with my trainer TJ Burns to get to that point and I was so ready. What I wasn't ready for was him throwing a kick right off the bat. See we studied his videos that he posted and his kicks looked pretty weak. So it was decided that I was going to do a front stomach kick right off the bat. But then Pepper shocked the world with this...

NOBODY saw that coming. Even the ref looked confused. However what followed is something we trained extensively for. See we knew that Peppa would come at me hard right off the bat and tire himself out. So the the past few weeks I had TJ just absolutely attack me for about a minute while I just went into my shell and allowed him to tire out. The training paid off because the first 30 seconds of the fight I was relaxed and just kept backing away while he was swinging like a mad man. I mean look at this positioning lol

I'm going to frame that picture. Just outrageous form by Pep right there. When he said he didn't need to train, that picture is all the proof I need to refute that claim.

After that dazzling display of athleticism he was completely gassed. So much so that when he missed a punch, he went right to the ground

Now with me, I play to the whistle. That's just sports 101. So with it being my first time, I decided to give him a shot while he was trying to get back up...

Hey, he's the one who got back up. I was trying to make sure he stayed down. Alright well that was a mistake but we move on. At that point I knew I had the edge because he was absolutely gassed. I could see it on his face. So from there, I went to work. That's when the uppercut landed. You can't really see it from this video so let me show you a shot from another video.

POW right in the kisser! From there I think he was done. But I wanted to make super duper sure. That's when I busted out a move that we had been working on for a month. A spinning backfist.

This picture shows right after I connected square on his forehead. It sent him reeling back and at that point it was pretty much over. But that's when controversy struck! I threw a stomach kick his way and it went a little low....

Now did I mean to kick him in the nuts? Absolutely not. I don't compete that way. I will say though that I don't believe he was wearing a cup. I felt all foreskin on that kick. Why you wouldn't wear a cup to a kickboxing match is beyond me but because of that, he definitely paid for it.

So now we move onto round 2. I was fresh as a daisy and I'm pretty sure he was seeing nothing but fog as he was gasping for breath. That's when he got desperate and started holding onto me for dear life. He put me in a headlock at one point lol

Keep in mind that Pepto didn't want to grapple in the first place. Now he has me in a headlock. Welp I had enough and ended up rag-dolling him to the ground. Which was pretty funny

I can almost hear that picture:

you're probably wondering how I got into this mess. funny story...

From there it was pretty much over. He spit out his mouthpiece after that and was contemplating his life decisions. His eyes were completely in a daze which is when I decided to go for 1 more kick. The kick heard around the world...

Now THIS is where it gets interesting. I can only tell you what I felt and saw. The first kick I felt dong. This kick I felt all stomach. If you look at my positioning, my knee and toes are pointed up. I'm leaning back to get full extension and frankly by this point the fight is over anyway. But yes, I firmly believe it was a stomach kick. Now it was a LOW stomach kick, but stomach nonetheless. Once he went down the ref said it was over, he got right up and said he wasn't finished. Ref started the count and that's when Donald said he was done.

So that's it, there's the fight. It's finally over but for some reason Peps has a grudge now. Blocked me on Facebook and just posts about me nonstop. Which is fine. Like I said this is the final word on the fight and this last image is all that matters

HUGE shout out to my trainer TJ Burns who put me through a grinding training camp. The fight would've been a lot closer if it wasn't for him. I recommend you contact him if you want to get into shape.