This Look Back At High School In 1999 Has Opened Up The Memory Floodgates

The last day at Glendora High School. 1999. Phones? No. We had each other.

This is literally one of the last years that high school kids didn't regularly carry around cell phones. I was a Freshman in 1999 and watching this tape just brings it all back. It's no secret that I look back at high school fondly. I don't know why honestly. I had horrible grades, was always in trouble for being a clown, wasn't the greatest at sports, never really had a girlfriend. Yet I still wish I could go back. Most likely it was all the friends I made that I haven't seen since. Maybe the innocent crushes, or the fact that it was just a simpler time. The fashion is the best though. The overalls, the frosted tips, the skater shoes. All just awesome

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