Kick Your Weekend Off With All Of Joe Exotic's Music Videos

The world has joined together in 2 things, Coronavirus and Tiger King. For those who need a quick rundown on Netflix's hottest crime documentary right now it's simply this. Tiger King documents the rivalry between zookeeper Joe Exotic and the equally eccentric Carole Baskin. Throw in some more unlikable characters in there and you've got Tiger King in a nutshell. So before you scroll down and watch these videos, go binge watch the series on Netflix first.

For those of you who have seen it then you're familiar with Joe Exotic's unreal passion for pettiness and being in the limelight. It's almost awe inspiring to see. You also know about his all time bangers "Here Kitty Kitty" and "I Saw A Tiger". But what about his other music? Welp, you're in for a treat. I should also point out that Joe Exotic never actually sang in his songs. Musicians Vince Johnson and Danny Clinton are responsible for the singing, and they had no idea that Joe was going to use their voices in the song. Doesn't mean that they don't crank though. First let's check out his 2 top hits

Now let's explore his deep cuts

And of course, the infamous campaign video