My Aladdin Retraction...oops

Everyone once in a while I get it wrong. Just completely wrong. This is one thousand percent one of those times. For MONTHS now I've been just trashing the new Aladdin remake. Ever since this picture of Will Smith at the genie was released...

From there it only got worse. The first trailer came out and it also looked bad

AND THEN this cover of Entertainment Weekly came out....oof

And then the cherry on top. This clip of "Prince Ali" that was released a week ago

Obviously I wasn't planning on seeing this. I had no interest in it at all. Even the critics reviews weren't very good. Then the word of mouth happened. People starting saying it was really good. The Will Smith was awesome as the Genie and didn't try and replace Robin Williams. The one place I go to and really trust for movie reviews and discussions is Reddit. The Aladdin movie review thread also had glowing reviews. So yesterday I took a chance and took the family to see it.

I was completely wrong. It was actually a really good movie and definitely the best out of the Disney Remakes so far. The music was great, the visuals were great, Will Smith was great. I'm just as shocked as you are trust me. But the damn movie worked.

So this is my retraction. This is where I swallow my pride and absolutely admit I was wrong. To be fair though whoever did the marketing for this movie should be fired. Because it looked horrible from the start

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