Slipknot Unloads Today With A New Video, New Music, New Masks, and More!

A few days ago I was talking about Slipknot tweeting a countdown to Thursday. Well Thursday is here and they just unloaded a TON of crap for you Slipknot fans (Also known as maggots). First off they've released details of their much-anticipated LP. Their upcoming sixth album is titled "We Are Not Your Kind". They also released a track listing and album art.

Track list for New Album

1. Insert Coin

2. Unsainted

3. Birth Of The Cruel

4. Death Because Of Death

5. Nero Forte

6. Critical Darling

7. Liar’s Funeral

8. Red Flag

9. What’s Next

10. Spiders

11. Orphan

12. My Pain

13. Not Long For This World

14. Solway Firth

We Are Not Your Kind is due for release August 9. To tease you though, here's their new music video!

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