New Released Clip Of Will Smith Singing "Prince Ali" is Certainly Something

I'm going to preface this by saying that not only am I a total Disney fanatic who has annual passes to Disney World and watches all the movies in the theaters. But also that Aladdin is by far my favorite Disney animated movie. On top of ALL of that, Will Smith is one of my favorite actors of all time. So this should've been a slam dunk for me in theory.

The thing is though that Aladdin is completely untouchable to me. You can't duplicate Robin Williams as the Genie just like you can't duplicate James Earl Jones as Mufasa. This clip that was just released of Will Smith singing "Prince Ali" in the movie proves it. Nothing against Will Smith at all but damn....

First Ghostbusters and now this. I WILL say though, this scene looks awesome

But I'm still not completely sold. Now the new Maleficent trailer, that's something I'll go see

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