Instagram Model Has Account Shut Down. Proceeds To Cry About Getting A Job


Meet Jessy Taylor. A 21 year-old "social media influencer" that has over 100,000 followers. Well, she HAD 100,000 followers. Now she's just some chick crying on the internet. Well apparently her Instagram account got taken down because of bunch of people reported her pics. Not sure why but my guess is she probably upset a lot of people with her attitude. Either way, not she's flipping out because she says she's not cut out for a regular 9-5 job.

Listen I'm not knocking the hustle. If this chick is making a living taking hot pics of herself then more power to her. Frankly I'm jealous. But don't start flipping out and telling people that you only have 2 options of either being an Instagram model or turning tricks. Nobody is going to feel sorry for you. When I was let go from the station across the street, I moved on and hustled. Whatevs.

Btw, she's started a new Instagram account and your old friend Paco may or may not have already reported all her pictures....


Gotta be honest, she doesn't do anything for me. Which makes it even more remarkable she was able to make a living based on her looks



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