The 1989-1997 Batman Movies Are Coming To Theaters! Time to Rank Them

According to Fathom events is releasing 4 Batman movies to theaters nationwide.

People don't remember how big these movies were when they first came out. ESPECIALLY the first 3. By the time Batman And Robin hit the fatigue kind of set in. However I remember 5 year old me opening night with my family in 1989. Going from theater to theater to find a showing of Batman that wasn't sold out. It was incredible just to be a part of that. Also if you grew up in this era, you DEFINITELY had one of these cups....


The commercials for the original Batman were great too


So in honor of these movies I'm going to give them my own personal ranking. Whether you agree with it or not is on you. Here we go!



First off, Bat Nipples. Second, this was just a bad movie. So bad that it was entertaining as hell. Every time Mr. Freeze gave one of his ice puns I couldn't help but laugh at how absurd this whole movie was



This was such a hard decision but that's what happens when you have only 4 movies to rank. Batman Returns was such a perfect sequel to this franchise. The return of Michael Keaton made it even better. Danny Devito's vision at Penguin was so absurd and disturbing. I also remember seeing this in theaters and loving every second. I HATE that I put it 2nd to last but there are much better movies in my opinion.



This will surprise everyone. Does the 1989 Batman deserve to be number 1? Absolutely! Batman was the movie that launched a phenomenon in superhero movies. Before Batman, superhero movies were campy and low budget. This was the movie that proved heroes could be blockbusters. Also the trailer was WILD. No narrator, just scenes from the movie. The hype was real


And in my opinion Jack Nicholson was the best Joker of all time. No offense to Heath Ledger, his performance was legendary as well. But Jack was a whole different level of crazy, campy, and scary.


So what movie dethrones the original Batman?



This was it for me. The BEST Batman movie of this era. Val Kilmer wasn't the best Batman, that belonged to Michael Keaton. But he was good. The cheese of this movie was so perfectly balanced with the seriousness of it. Also you couldn't pick 2 more perfect villains. This was during a time when Jim Carey was THE most popular movie star in the world. He was untouchable and was perfect for the Riddler at that time. Tommy Lee Jones was a well respected actor who was the ying to Carey's yang. The stories of Tommy flat out telling Jim that he didn't approve of his "buffoonary" are legendary. Just an all around fun movie that I was stoked to see in theaters. Also the commercials....ohhh the commercials





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