I've Sold Out And Pushing To Win Best Of Bay 2019

When I first started on the air here almost 7 years ago I never really gave it a second thought to win the "Best of Bay Favorite Radio Personality" award. Sure it would've been NICE to win it, but I was more focused on being on the air and working on my show. I think I've made the top 5 and that alone was nice. Fast forward 7 years later and for some reason now more than ever I want this damn award and I think I know why. I have a LOT of radio friends on Facebook and they also happen to be extremely talented. So what seems like every other week I see pictures of them hoisting up these awards that they've won for broadcasting. I gotta be honest that wears on you when you see it year after year.

I guess it's my fault for never really campaigning for anything or playing the game. I was always under the impression that if you're talented enough then eventually you'll get recognized. Well SCREW that. I'm done waiting around and now I'm ready for my accolades. I can't promise free tickets if you vote for me. I can't even promise a bumper sticker from another station. BUT apparently the News Herald is bribing you with 250 bucks!

Not a bad deal. So if you would like to nominate me you can do so HERE. You can nominate until April 6th and start voting on the 9th.

Will I get crap from other radio personalities for campaigning hard? Absolutely. Do I care? Hell no! You're talking to a guy who waxed his balls on Facebook Live for your entertainment. I don't see anyone else around here doing that. The don't have the balls. I'm also not buying votes like others have done in the past (I'm not naming names). If I'm gonna win this thing it's going to be fair and square. HIT THE MUSIC!!!

PS: This entire episode speaks to my soul

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