I Asked The Internet To Roast Me.....And They Did

For those unfamiliar with Reddit, think of it like a newspaper. You have the name of the newspaper which in this case is Reddit. Then you have all the different sections like sports, lifestyle, business, etc. Well on Reddit those are called "SubReddits". There are literally thousands of Subreddits on Reddit and one of them is the "Roast Me" Subreddit. Pretty self explanatory. You post a picture of yourself and the internet roasts you by commenting on your picture thread.

So yesterday I got bored and decided to post a picture of myself with the caption "35 Year Old Rock Radio DJ In Panama City Beach, Florida. Hit me" along with this picture

The roasts themselves were somewhat disappointing. I honestly thought I would be roasted a little better from these guys. However there WERE some good ones

Not bad not bad. I've always had an internal struggle with my facial hair. Does it make me look like a douche? Is it too gray? Does it even match my face? Props to bigken79 for going right for the heart

Again, another good one. Going after my career rather than my looks. I like it

Eh, somewhat low effort. Could've been better

I like this one. Guy figured I looked like a creeper, did his research on PCB, and took a shot. Respect

These are the lamest ones for sure. How many times a day do you think I hear this? I'll give you a hint, it's a lot! Be better

This one I also love. Dude did some research in the background of my photo and came up with this roast. I love it. Although it's 60 Grams of Sugar and 200 Grams of carbs but it's still a nice burn

Do I really have a sex offender face? lol

I don't know what this means but I like it! Also I WISH I was on in the mornings. I'd have so much fun

It's me, Florida Man

THIS is my favorite one. It has everything. Subtle racism, a jab at my job, a jab at my looks. It's so simple and pure. dudeloveslife is an all time roaster and that proves it

This one is so insanely aggressive that I have no choice but to respect it. It's not even a roast. Just someone who wants to punch me in the face lol

Again I thought these roasts would be better BUT the thread is still live and active. You still can roast me there

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