This Is One Of The Craziest Public Freakouts / Brawls I've Ever Seen

Wow....just wow. There's a lot to unpack here. According to the youtube comments this happened at an iHop in Jacksonville. Let's go through this jam packed video and pick it apart. First we start off where plaid shirt is arguing with 2 employees that tower over this dude. I for sure thought fists would be thrown here


RED SWEATER OUTTA NOWHERE! Snuck up like Brock Lesner and clocked his ass. But 1 punch wasn't going to put down plaid shirt. No No No, he was hungry for more....and pancakes.Then once again OUTTA NOWHERE!

Another red hoodie comes in and choke slams him. At this point plaid shirt is threatening to sue everyone in the building and you think he's going to run away crying. But red plaid wasn't going to walk away without some delicious pancakes. But those were just warm-up bouts. NOW we're at the main event...

PLAID Vs. PLAID! Backwards hat is standing in the line of fire just waiting for an opportunity to pounce. When plaid shirt doesn't punch backwards hat, he takes the situation into his own hands with a flying elbow and punch

What an absolute bomb of a right. Knocked plaid shirt straight to the ground. That was a street fighter level combo that backwards hat was dishing out. But did plaid shirt learn his lesson?? HELL NO. Dude actually had the upper hand for about 5 seconds

Plaid shirt was on top and honestly I thought we were about to see the comeback of the century. This dude was knocked down 3 times, got up every time, and now he's on top. But that didn't last long because backward hat composed himself and gave us the picture of the year

At this point it's pretty much over. Once you make that face with that much blood in your mouth it's time to take the L and leave without your pancakes. BUT he couldn't leave without one last provocation but backwards hat wasn't having any of it

OUT OF NOWHERE with the flying punch to the dome!! Meanwhile dreads is enjoying the whole thing thinking about all the youtube hits he's going to get with his video. Girl in the back just wants to go home. In the end he's left holding his shirt and talking trash as he's leaving

One more thing, shout out to the camera man. This guy

One of the best public freakout videos I've ever seen and it's all thanks to him. Somebody get him some damn pancakes ASAP

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