The #TrashTag Challenge Is My New Favorite Thing On The Internet

Internet challenges. We all know what they are and how stupid most of them can be. However throwing cheese on your baby is hilarious. But there's a new challenge trending called the #TrashTag Challenge that has started to really pick up some steam and is about as wholesome as they come. Basically you take a picture of a really crappy public area and then clean it up. Then post a picture after you've done your part. That's it! It's ridiculously simple and so damn wholesome. The best part is, it's getting more and more popular every day


Cool right? Well this was a challenge I was definitely up for and so was Tyler our promotions director. So we went to the cemetery next to our station and decided to do some cleaning of our own. Even after some of the hurricane cleanup it was still in pretty bad shape

So Tyler and I got to work!

After ONLY AN HOUR there was already a huge difference

So if you've never taken part in an internet challenge now's your chance. Tag, you're it



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