This 80's Video Dating Montage Will Make You Wish Tinder Was More Like This


Alright first off we need to bring back video dating. There should be a requirement that at least 1 picture on your online dating profile be a video describing yourself to people. Anyone can look somewhat desirable in a picture. But you can't fake personality. Eventually the real you will come out. This goes for women too. Although if you're hot most likely it won't matter what you say, we'll shoot the shot anyway.

Let's take a look at the all stars from this video

big phil

Big Phil is definitely an all star. Why do they call him Big Phil? This is a question I need answering and I'm sure millions of women felt the same way when they saw him. Dude definitely got a date


Fred is an all time party animal. Dude will do just about anything for attention and I love it. He also seems like a great wing-man which is probably why he doesn't get many dates. Fred, I wanna be YOUR wingman buddy. I don't think women were able to get through his dating clip without rushing to the phone to call him up. Stud city and Fred is the mayor


I hate Maurice and I'll tell you why. There is no way this Rico Suave bastard isn't getting laid left and right. Now he's taking up all the good video dating women and leaving none for our friends Fred and Big Phil. Maurice is a straight up dick but I respect the hustle.


Who the hell let Seth Green in this video?

Mike doesn't take any shit. He hates smokers and he doesn't want anything to do with them. Mike knows what he's about. Be more like Mike

This guy obviously has a severe phobia of hungry monsters. Hopefully he got the help he needed. Although I don't know what kind of therapy they offered in the 80's. So most likely he killed himself before the monsters in his head could eat him

lol this guy

Alright I need to find this guy and be his friend. 25 year subscriber to Playboy AND the New Yorker and he doesn't care who knows it. This guy is a good time Charlie and I want in

I don't know who this guy is but he's a dick and I hate him. I hope he dies alone

Check this guy's basement ASAP

Nice try Seth Green. You can't double dip on the dates no matter how many times you change your costume




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