The Full R. Kelly Interview Aired And It Was WILD


Here it is, the big break down lol


Oh boy there's a lot to unpack here so I'll just cover the main points:

  • R. Kelly incriminated himself by asking, "what kind of parent sales their kids". Wow
  • Gayle King's composure during the entire interview reminds me of my mom just standing there while I threw a fit and waited patiently until I was done
  • R. Kelly had a full on panic attack and tantrum. That was amazing
  • R. Kelly doesn't go to therapy which doesn't surprise me but it does at the same time
  • His Sex Cult members are gonna be pissed that he denied their existence
  • Denying he's never had sex with anyone under the age of 17 is nutso. He was married to Aaliyah when she was 15! What'd he do with her? Cuddle?
  • Gayle King holding back laughing in R Kelly's face when he's talking about how stupid his allegations were was laugh out loud funny
  • I thought after R Kelly said he needed help he was going to admit some shit. Turns out he needs help because he has a big heart lol
  • "I'm an older man that loves all women" is the quote of the century from him

Just a whole lot to unpack from that interview but you can be sure of one thing....the memes are going to be great



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