The Post Michael Paco Plan To Not Be Fat Anymore

This shouldn't be a shock to anyone ever but I love food. It's what comforts me, makes my mouth happy, makes my tummy happy. I get extremely Hangry when my stomach is empty and have a serious weakness for fast food. In reality this is probably most people which isn't shocking. Food has the power to take you back to a simpler time. It's the ultimate ice breaker when you're out on a date and ultimate comfort when you're upset. I'm not trying to romanticize food or anything, I just think it gets a bad rap sometimes.

So it shouldn't be a shock to you that after October 10th I gained 20lbs in 3 months. When the hurricane hit I wasn't even worried about a healthy diet. All I cared about was being on the air and helping people. I also was concerned about the community and how it was going to rebuild. Like others, diets went to hell and going to the gym was the last thing on anyone's mind. Not to mention most of the gyms in town were destroyed. In that time my weight went out of control

Fatty Fatty Fat Fat

I mean LOOK at that face! Double chins and all my yearlong pursuit of not being fat came to an end. With my regular gym Phoenix Performance Fitness Center being destroyed AND my Jiu-Jitsu Gym Marra Senki being wiped out, I kind of just gave up. Until the challenge was made among our staff.

See last year we did a little weight loss challenge and I did pretty well. This year I know I needed it more than ever. Not to mention my office Nemesis SAM was talking nonstop trash. You remember Sam right? If not let me give you a refresher....


So Sam has been just nonstop trash talking about how I'm going down and how she's so fit, she works out harder than me, blah blah blah. Sam has a little problem of being too cocky. It caught up with her at the last fitness challenge but apparently she didn't learn....

The trash talking didn't stop there and it got to the point where she was straight up LYING about running 3 miles a day. #RunGate was officially underway with the scandal of the century. Turns out she is on the elliptical for 3 miles a day. Which isn't easy but it sure as heck isn't running 3 miles a day. Distractions! All of it! I kept going to the gym every day Monday-Friday and eating right. Kettle Bells were my frienemy.

I was posting selfie after selfie to try and get in Sam's head and frankly trying to motivate myself with compliments from others. Just being honest lol

For anyone reading this who stopped going to the gym thanks to Michael, it's time to get back up. Join that gym for 10 bucks a month and get moving. Sacrifice those 2 beers a month for that gym membership and you won't regret it. Yes I still have a belly, yes I still have a long way to go. And NO I don't consider myself any kind of authority on fitness. But I consider myself like many others. Lazy, unmotivated at times, and would rather munch on a Wendy's Baconator than run my fat ass off. BUT it does pay off. I can pick up my kid with ease, play with them without getting too tired. My knees are slowly starting to hurt less and less. I turn 35 in April and I don't want to feel 35. I don't even want to feel 30.

I took a 60 day progress pic and the difference is crazy. The scale actually hasn't really gone down all that much but I can really see a feel a difference

Moral of the story, yes #850Strong means rebuilding our community but it also means something personal to each person. #850Strong can also mean rebuilding yourself. Depression is a real thing around here right now. People are homeless, insurance companies are screwing you, your drive to work takes forever and you miss the trees. A great way to combat that is to work on feeling good about yourself. Doing something that YOU control when everything else is out of control. You won't regret it.

When it comes to our weight loss challenge I already feel like a winner regardless of what the scale says. Find your motivation and get out there and conquer the world. #850Strong



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