Rapper Didn't Pay For His Music Video So The Production Team Made Their Own

I'm not sure what the whole story is here but basically it all comes down to this. This Hip-Hop artist named Sheck Wes (Horrible name) had this production company produce his music video. Allegedly Sheck (again, horrible name) never paid the production company which apparently happens a lot more than you'd think. This comment from Reddit was interesting

I work in music videos as well, sadly this happens way too often and people suffer from it. I’ve joked about doing something like this before and I’m so happy to see it done. You guys are not only sticking up for yourselves, but for everyone in this industry who gets shit on by these artist and labels. This needs to become a trend foreal. Thank you.

So the production company went and produced their own video which is amazing. I'm willing to bet it's a hundred times better than what the original song was going to be. Not sure how long it'll stay up before it gets taken down so enjoy! #VestGang


And you can't write this blog without adding this video in as a bonus



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