Revisiting Amy And Samy From Amy's Baking Company.....ohh boy

If you're unfamiliar with Amy and Sam from Amy's Baking Company it's one of the most infamous episodes in Kitchen Nightmares' history. Here's just a little taste of Amy and Samy


Amazing right? Well since then their Arizona location closed down and they opened up a location in Los Angeles. Oh also Samy threatened some dude with a knife....


I was curious to see what they've been up to since then, especially since Samy was facing deportation. Well, looks like Amy is still active on social media and fighting with anyone who wants to bring the heat


Samy is active too, still being a G-Thug Fo Life


The crazy thing is that Amy appears to be a decent baker. Gordon Ramsay even said so himself. Where they get in trouble is with their attitudes which is absolutely toxic. The interviews Amy conducts with her employees btw is laugh out loud funny. Reminds me of POW's trapped in a cave reading off cue cards to a camera.


Blink twice if you need help....

But to all you HATERS out there. Amy has a special message just for YOU




Also I don't think she's ever forgiven Gordon Ramsay.....


Honestly I legit can't tell which accounts are fake and which are real which tells you something. Also you KNOW Amy is reading this blog. Hi Amy! 

Watch the whole episode here:



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