51 Year-Old Giant Hodor Dude Knocks Out 11 Year-Old Girl


HO-LY CRAP. Dude knocked her into next tuesday. When she wakes up people will be lining up for the new iphone 20. For those asking, yes he was Charged with assault.

Apparently he was trying to break up a fight that was happening with this group and then all of a sudden they surrounded him and started screaming. Then one girl gets a little too close and POW right in the kisser. This reminds me of that age old question, how many 5 year old's would it take to beat up a grown man before they overtake him? First you'd have to get them to keep attacking after the first slaughter. These girls straight up scattered after he laid out the boom. Personally I think the shove was enough but old dude wasn't prepared to get jumped after that shove. He wanted to make a statement and boy he sure did



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