A Video Of R. Kelly Recruiting Girls In Ethiopia In 2011 Is Wild

R. Kelly has been in the news this past week because of Lifetime's 6 part documentary series "Surviving R. Kelly" (Which is also a wild title). So of course because of that series old videos are surfacing of R. Kelly being super creepy. Including this one where it looks like he's straight up recruiting girls to come back with him (Song starts at 3:04) 

I thought this was fake at first but it turns out it's very real. Very real and laugh out loud hilarious. Mostly because of the background singers and the angelic music in the background. Can you imagine finally getting your big break, getting a backup singing gig to one of the greatest R&B singers of all time, and then having to sing this? It's incredible. But once you go down the R. Kelly rabbit hole you can't stop at just one video. 

This one where he has girls wipe him is also creepy/hilarious

Honestly if I was in R's position I'd be doing the same thing. The only thing that makes this creepy is knowing what kind of person he (allegedly) is. The tongue wiping? Hilarious

And you can't have an R. Kelly blog without posting the famous Chappelle show song...

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