Bears Fans React To The Double-Doink Kick

This past weekend was wild in the NFL. But the most exciting game of the NFL's wildcard weekend was arguably the last one . . . when the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Chicago Bears. Philadelphia scored a go-ahead touchdown with a minute left . . . but then they almost lost on a last minute, 43-yard field goal by Chicago. The Eagles called a last second timeout to 'ice the kicker.'  Statistically speaking, it rarely works.  But this time it did.  Bears kicker Cody Parkey actually MADE the kick that was nullified by the time out. But when he kicked it again, he "double-doinked" the ball . . . somehow hitting both the goalpost AND the crossbar! To make matters even worse, this  was the SIXTH time he's missed a kick by hitting the goalpost this season, including four times in a SINGLE GAME against Detroit back in November.

Now let's take a look at the reactions from Bear fans around the country....

Here are a bunch more....they're glorious

Listen I'm not an Eagle's fan, if anything I was rooting for the Bears. But these reaction videos are so good. Can you imagine if Philly lost though? The whole city of Philadelphia would've burned to the ground that night. 

Also Parkey had such a great post-game interview. That was a class act response

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