The MLB tweeted a 99 year-old video of Babe Ruth training with his athletic trainer. Everything you suspected about athletic training in the early 1900's is completely true. Just look at this video!

Let's explore this shall we? First is this....

THIS is what training was like for WEALTHY people. Some guy with a beach ball pressing up against your legs while you push. The greatest slugger in baseball history literally throwing his trainer around with his skinny legs. It's insanity.

Then we get to this....

I can only assume this is early core stuff. Literally putting a beach ball between you and the Great Bambino's tummy and then proceed to hump the beach ball. It truly was a magical time. Just look at the outfits! The trainer in all white, Ruth with those shoes that look like sandals. It's bonkers.

But then the trainer says F*CK the beach ball and then starts in on a full blow tickle fight with the Sultan Of Swat....

But the Babe wasn't having any of it. The King of Crash gets pissed off and realizes that these workouts are ridiculous and proceeds to slap the taste out of his trainers mouth

And then the money shot...

The new season of The Handmaid's Tale is looking dope


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