Today we're going to look at Brandon "Taz" Niederauer. A 15 year old guitar playing prodigy that was inspired by the movie "School of Rock" (A movie which is also 15 years old). This kid can straight up shred. Don't believe the hype? Check out this video of him playing at Madison Square Garden in 2016 when he was 13! 

This kid is gonna be fun to watch live. You can already see he's as cool as a cucumber in front of crowds. Dude even summoned the ghost of Hendrix at Wrigley Field earlier this year

The kid even shredded on Ellen in 2013 when he was 10 years old

Am I pumped to see this kid? You bet your sandy ass I am. Will I have a drink with him after his set? only if it's a Pepsi

Taz is scheduled to play Saturday night. Buy your tickets now at

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