A Mom filed a Federal Lawsuit After Her Son Didn't Make The Varsity Team


This story really threw me for a loop. At first when I read this I was out to crucify this mom and her kid for being a pansy. Kid isn't good enough for Varsity, tough luck. But then I went on to read that he can't even play on JV because that's only for Freshmen and Sophomores and he's a Junior. THEN I read that the girls' soccer team doesn't have the same rules. Well NOW I'm on team mom. Granted I would NEVER embarrass my kid like this and actually sue the school. BUT it is kinda BS that he can't play at all. It's not like this kid didn't make Varsity and didn't want to play on JV and pitched a fit. He literally can't play on JV. He's good enough for JV but aged out. 

Totally unlike when I tried out for the basketball team my freshman year and wasn't good enough to even make the practice squad. So I wrestled instead and I was pretty good at it. In that scenario I SUCKED at basketball. In this scenario he just sucks at Varsity soccer. Gotta give this point to the mom and kid on this one.



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