Ole Miss Introduces Their New Mascot That Will Give You Nightmares

There he is, Land Shark Tony. Definitely one of the more bizarre mascots I've ever seen. I mean LOOK at this thing!

Now there is a history behind the Ole Miss Landshark. In 2008, Ole Miss won the Cotton Bowl and during the celebration, linebacker and Iraq War veteran Tony Fein made the ‘Fins Up’ gesture after a game-changing play. So I see where they're going. But how did it turn into this??

From their website:

 university leaders teamed up with Hollywood’s most creative costume designers to bring a vision to life

So I'd love to see what movies these creative minds were involved in because I'm putting them on my Halloween movie list. I don't know about you but I'm sleeping with the lights on tonight.

PS: That shark has been hitting the gym. Dude has forearms the size of Popeye 

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