This Atlanta Restaurant Serves The Best Lasagna In Georgia

Vegetarian lasagne bolognese with basil and tomato

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Sinking your fork into a hearty slice of lasagna is probably one of the most satisfying meals out there, and although it’s always delicious when it’s homemade, there are tons of places to go and order some. That’s why Love Food is pointing out the best lasagne in your state. The ultimate food publisher wrote in its recent rankings:

“With its layers of pasta, rich meat sauce and bubbling cheese, lasagne is a near perfect food – and nothing beats one that's made for you. These lasagnes, from the Neapolitan to the northern Italian, are exemplary of how the dish should be prepared. Read on and find out where to eat the best lasagne in your state.”

So, which lasagna stands out the most in Georgia? Love Food recommends the lasagne at Campagnolo, located in Atlanta. Here’s why it stands out among the rest, according to Love Food:

“A highly-recommended spot for Italian food, Campagnolo has a buzzing atmosphere, exceptional food and live piano music. One of its best dishes is its Lasagna Matta made with fresh pasta, beef and pork bolognese, béchamel, mozzarella and Parmesan. Customers say the fresh pasta makes all the difference and it’s a choice you won’t regret.”

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