Buckhead Neighborhood Being Terrorized By Owl

Residents in the Buckhead neighborhood of Brookwood Hills are being terrorized by an owl that's been in the area since September.

The owl has reportedly been attacking people from behind and people now fear leaving their home without protective gear.

Stephanie Oppenheimer, one of the residents in the neighborhood, got attacked during an early morning walk saying "It felt like I had been hit from behind with a bat."

11Alive reports that more than 80 other attacks were recorded during the past six months.

The Department of Natural Resources have confirmed this is a barred owl and are trying to catch and relocate the animal.

In this case, it doesn't look like the owl is protecting a nest. Instead, DNR says that they think the owl imprinted on humans after being raised by a human before being released into the wild. The owl then flies down to be with the people and doesn't understand why that person doesn't want it close.

Kaitlin Goode of DNR said that imprinting is a lifetime bond so there is no easy way to deal with this problem.

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