Here's Why Atlanta Is The Food Capital Of Georgia

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Georgia has tons of delicious restaurants to choose from, whether you’re planning to dig into a burger, grab a slice of pizza or cap off your meal with a bite of dessert. It turns out, Atlanta is dubbed the food capital of the whole state.

That’s according to Eat This, Not That!, which shared the food capitals across the U.S. “These culinary epicenters are brimming with the best the state has to offer, offering interesting dining experiences and showcasing artisanal dishes and regional produce,” the ultimate food content hub states in its report. “So the next time you're driving through route 66, be sure to pop into one of these food cities for a taste of local fare.”

Here’s why Eat This, Not That! says Atlanta stands out as the best food city in the Peach State:

“Though there are plenty of roadside barbecue spots, Atlanta also has plenty of sit-down restaurants to feed your cravings. From smoke meats to fine dining, superb options include dim-sum style eating at Gunshow, farm-fresh foods at Miller Union, and Korean-Mex at Hankook Taqueria.”

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