Here's Where You Can Order The Best Waffles In Georgia

Homemade Southern Chicken and Waffles

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There’s nothing like a heaping plate of breakfast food, and you can eat it at any time of the day. Whether you’re out at brunch or just feel like ordering a plate of waffles in the middle of the afternoon, there’s likely a restaurant nearby to serve you.

Love Food, the publisher that dubs itself “the tastiest guide on the web,” is spotlighting the best waffles in every state, so foodies can get their breakfast food fixes at the best place. “There’s much debate about how waffles came to America, but what can’t be denied is the food’s popularity since 1869, when the first waffle iron was patented,” Love Food notes of the longtime breakfast staple. “Whether you want them for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, here’s where to get the best in your state.”

So, which restaurant stands out the most in Georgia? Love Food recommends Nana’s Chicken-N-Waffles, located in Conyers. Here’s why it’s the best:

“One of the best places for waffles in Georgia is Nana’s Chicken-N-Waffles. Here you can get choices such as Bananas Foster Chicken & Waffles (a deep-fried cinnamon waffle topped with caramelly bananas, icing sugar and whipped cream) or Nana’s Peach Cobbler Chicken & Waffles (topped with cream cheese, cobbler sauce, icing sugar and cinnamon). Customers say the waffles are moist and fluffy and the chicken is extra crispy.”

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