This Is The Most Popular Drive-Thru In Georgia

Drive Thru This Way. Fast Food Sign

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Drive-thru lanes have become a staple for fast food joints, so it’s no wonder that everyone has their favorite one.

That’s why, hailing itself the “first and longest-running UK comparison site,” sought the most popular drive-thru in each state in the U.S. Findings show that Starbucks is the “all-time favourite” drive-thru in the country, “clearly emphasizing the USA’s love for coffee.” Aside from the caffeine boost, Burger King was deemed the most popular drive-thru in 2021. Here’s how determined the rankings: was used to discover the average monthly search volume and trend (%) of each drive thru - the results are accurate as of 20 Aug 2021. From this we're able to understand the most searched for and top trending drive thrus per state. Where search volume was used we needed to understand the relative popularity in relation to the size of the location, therefore using per capita (per 100,000) we were able to standardise the impact of locations to truly show the "most popular" drive thrus by state and city in the US.”

So, which drive-thru is the most popular one among people in Georgia?

Bojangles, according to That’s a fairly unique choice for customers in the Peach State — Maryland is the only other state to opt for Bojangles as the most popular drive-thru, data show.

See the rest of the report here.

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