$1 Million Lottery Ticket Sold In Georgia: See The Winning Numbers

Photo: Khosrork/iStock/Getty Images

Playing the lottery is always a gamble, but sometimes your luck can pay off with a nice prize. Prizes can range anywhere from enough money to cover dinner and a movie to an amount that can change the rest of your life. While the latter is harder to come by, plenty of players still manage to win a life-changing sum. If you recently purchased a lottery ticket in Georgia, you may want to check your numbers now as one lucky winner matched enough numbers in Wednesday's (April 3) Powerball drawing to win a $1 million prize.

A lucky Powerball ticket sold in Georgia was one of several around the country that won $1 million during Wednesday night's drawing after matching five of the numbers called, according to the Powerball website. Other winning tickets were sold in California, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, South Carolina and Washington.

If you think you may have purchased the ticket, now's the time to check to see if you won. These are the lucky numbers that helped the to-be-determined winner score their huge prize:

Numbers: 11 - 38 - 41 - 62 - 65

Powerball: 15

Power Play: 3x

Because no players managed to match all six numbers during Wednesday's drawing, the jackpot has risen to an estimated $1.23 billion ahead of the drawing on Saturday (April 6).

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