This Is Georgia’s Favorite Kind Of Music

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There are so many different ways to classify music by genre. With everything from pop, rock and hip hop to more niche genres like hyperpop, math rock and trap metal, there is sure to be a genre that fits everyone's taste in music. But have you ever wondered what the most popular genre of music is in your state? If you have, Wide Open Country discovered an infographic, shared on Engineer Boards by user Chattaneer PE, that shows which music genre reigns supreme by state.

So, what's Georgia's favorite genre of music? Classic Rock. Here's what Wide Open Country had to say about the genre:

"Different offshoots of rock music perform well across the country. Classic rock tours draw the most money in several Southern states (Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Missouri and Kentucky) plus such Midwest havens as Indiana, Michigan and Illinois and even the nerve center of American entertainment, New York (both Chicago and New York City are easy to label as havens of hipness, not places to catch old timers' victory laps)."

Curious to see what the rest of the country likes listening to? Check out Wide Open Country's full map that shows the most popular music genres by state.

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