This Is The Best Bagel Shop In Atlanta

Closeup of a 12 grain bagel with butter

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Purchasing a bagel from the best bagel shop in Atlanta is possibly the perfect way to start your day.

According to a list put together by Thrillist, the best bagels in Atlanta can be found at Emerald City Bagels. Emerald City Bagels receives an abundance of praise from locals and tourists alike because of the wide variety of classic and unique options that are available. The "Starliter" is unique to the bagel shop and consists of pastrami, spicy mustard and grilled onion for those who prefer varied flavor to classic cream cheese.

Here is what Thrillist had to say about the best bagel shop in Atlanta:

"Take a moment to reward yourself with a delicious bagel from Emerald City Bagels. In addition to classic bagel flavors like everything, plain, and blueberry, Emerald City’s selection includes the extraordinary jalapeno cheese bagel, the sweet cinnamon sugar bagel, and the savory pretzel bagel. Whatever flavor you ultimately end up choosing, you can make your order as simple—like the classic bagel and cream cheese combo—or complex—like the Starliter (a combination of hot pastrami, grilled onion, and spicy mustard) as possible. Plus, pick-up orders and deliveries are also available, making Atlanta’s best bagels even more accessible."

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